UAP 01

Raising Trusted Advisers Skilled
in Service Ethics & Excellence

Introducing the redesigned and improved Ultimate Asset Progression 1: AccelERAtion APAC! APAC stands for Asset Progression Achievers Camp, and this training is designed to propel your budding real estate career forward as a Trusted Adviser, with a strong focus on achieving results within 30 days!

A mandatory training for all new ERA salespersons, the AccelERAtion APAC empowers newly-joined salespersons with the right industry knowledge to kickstart a flourishing career in real estate!

Training takeaways

  • Get a detailed roadmap to succeed in the real estate industry
  • Complete a specially tailored checklist of purpose-driven goals
  • Achieve results within 30 days!

Ryner Koh

Executive Group Division Director

CEA License: R040847Z

Ryner comes from strong academic roots in real estate management and finance, and has mentored countless teammates in their real estate careers through his knowledge and expertise. With his advantage of a finance-based education, Ryner is skilled with complex real estate calculations and has shared many practical formulas to help teammates enhance their deal closings.

His aptitude with numbers has also helped propel his own sales performance in this opportunity-laden landscape.

Bjorn Chua

Group Division Director

CEA License: R027114H

With a strong sense of resilience, Bjorn took all his past mistakes in his stride and overcame each of them. Bjorn is not afraid of sharing his initial challenges as a real estate agent. The industry expert has a torrent of experience and know-how from his countless landed property transactions which he selflessly shares with all who are willing to learn and listen.

Rising through the ranks to become one of the youngest Division Directors in ERA, Bjorn has also earned a name among clients for handling landed and private homes within District 19, the property breeding hot spot for many local investors. Master a market segment and carve a niche for yourself within the industry like Bjorn — learn from the best!

Bryan Setho

Senior Division Director

CEA License: R027140G

Having joined the industry in 1999, he has over two decades of invaluable experience under his belt, filled with numerous accolades for his sales performance and leadership. Bryan's extensive industry research and market vigilance are key elements he delivers to his protégés, in addition to his knowledge and experience. Master the real estate market as you pick up Bryan's secret formula to success!

Neo Chee Seng

Senior Division Director

CEA License: R010137D

Senior Division Director Neo Chee Seng is an industry veteran who has honed his wealth of industry knowledge and expertise from 13 years of experience in this competitive industry. Chee Seng's main focus in his training is on transforming each ERA Teammate from a typical salesperson into a Trusted Real Estate Professional. One of the four leaders of the Dynamic Force Group, his varied areas of expertise include HDB Resale, Private Resale, Executive Condos, New Launches and Project Management. He is also a certified ACTA trainer with over a dozen years of real estate training under his teaching belt.

Having developed his own Signature training - the Dynamic Wealth Creation Programme - Chee Seng is a sought after figure in the real estate training arena.

Ryan Cheang

Division Director

CEA License: R024477I

Division Director Ryan Cheang has a Degree in Real Estate Management (UK), Msc in Marketing (CUNY) and Certificate in CEHA. The Top Achiever is also a Council Member with Gerson Lehrman Group. Ryan provides paid consultancy to developers, banks, and regional funds. In his free time, he guest writes about the local real estate market on With so much on his plate, Ryan still finds time to commit as an ERA Giver, selflessly imparting his wealth of industry knowledge, life experience, and investment tactics to all ERA teammates.Ryan is also a proud member of the ERA Basketball Club. They meet up weekly to compete and practice.

Jackson Woo

Associate Division Director

CEA License: R024629A

ERA Giver Jackson Woo is a Top Achiever with a calling to give back to all ERA Teammates through his self-created new homes financial calculator. Formulated from scratch, his Project Financing Simulator helps you to easily assess your client's financial capability to their desired new launch based on only three simple questions!

Jackson believes the key to securing clients is to build lasting relationships with honesty and integrity. This has served him well in his business, having successfully built up a strong network of clients, whom he helps "fall in love" with each project he recommends to them.


ERA is the Agency of Choice for both agents and consumers. Through our cutting edge technology and constantly evolving Ultimate Agent Training, we have maintained our position as a forerunner of the real estate industry, in service excellence, professional ethics, and client satisfaction.