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How To Grow Your Wealth Through Smart Calculations

How savvy are you with financial calculations?

Do you still feel inadequate where financial calculations are involved?

Can you answer questions like:

How can I multiply my properties with zero money down?

How can I acquire properties at the lowest possible cost?

How can I GROW wealth quickly if I don’t have much wealth to start with?

Enter Wendeline Goh.

Let HER show you how it’s done. As a Top Achiever and leader of Top Achievers herself, Wendeline will demonstrate to you how you may:

Don’t you want to explode your sales?

Training takeaways

  • Help clients multiply their properties with no money down!
  • Plan your client’s sales proceeds and next-purchase budget to minimise unnecessary viewing time for properties out of their budget range
  • Create purchase options so clients can acquire properties at the lowest cost

Wendeline Goh

Division Director

CEA License: R024477I

With a degree from Herriot-Watt University of Edinburgh in Civil Engineering with Honours, Wendeline was pre-equipped with the technical know-how to succeed in the real estate industry. Armed with Marketing and Project sales experience, she prides herself on service excellence and going above and beyond to achieve client satisfaction. She has also spearheaded marketing strategies to ensure the company consistently stays one step ahead of competitors. She made the switch to Real Estate after more than a decade in an MNC in the Paint Industry. Having worked alongside with her previous clients who are mainly in the Interior Design industry gives her real estate career a further boost with her trained eye for aesthetics and home decor. One of ERA's Top Achievers, and the head of the Athena Division under the Olympians Group, Wendeline has been pulling a steady 5-figure monthly income shortly after joining the industry. Her tenacity and ability to generate and grow both her active and passive incomes has helped her successfully groom several Top Achievers under her charge, placing her as a regular contender in the Top 10 Division Directors category.

She strongly believes and is an advocate of property investments and walks the talk in investing in real estate. Hence, she guides her clients to likewise with smart financial planning strategies.

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Testimonial of Attendees

Thanks Wendeline for your candid and interesting sharing! I will definitely apply it to my work to benefit my clients 😀👍

Phloy SK

Thank you Wendeline! I enjoyed your sharing, it was very useful and engaging 😃

Kenneth Lim CT

A day of good learning from the experienced Wendeline.

Kim Kie Liem

Thanks for Wendeline for sharing her 7-steps approach to qualify the clients and create best options through systematic financial calculation. Come and learn in the next session to impress ur clients to get more referral.

Leslie Moh


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