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Secure Exclusive Listings effectively With Optimal Pricing Strategies

Imagine this; you got your sales kit, your very sleek PowerPoint presentation, or your portfolio.

You present to a potential client to secure a listing. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. 1 hour. Sometimes maybe even 2 or 3 hours.

Your client tells you the words that immediately throw you off track, “Let me think about it.” You follow up.

Your client says “I already signed exclusive with another agent.”

You get upset.

Your morale is affected.

It affects your next presentation.

And your next. And your next.


Come to Division Director Donny Lee’s Ultimate Listing Presentation and learn to Secure Exclusive Listings Effectively with Optimal Pricing Strategies.

Training takeaways

  • Secure exclusive listings under 10 minutes
  • Close with simple but powerful techniques
  • Turn objections into agreements
  • Make it IMPOSSIBLE for your client to SAY NO!

Donny Lee

District Division Director

CEA License: R024353E

Donny came from a humble family background. With a strong desire to make life better for his family, he set very high standards for himself, always aiming for bigger achievements. The real estate industry may be challenging but with grit and the right attitude, Donny eventually forged a solid career in real estate spanning over 10 years of experience. He also won multiple awards in the same period.

As a District Division Director, he takes great pride in shaping his team members into the professionals they aspire to be and is also committed to be the best mentor they can depend on.

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Testimonial of Attendees

Fantastic training tips! Thk you Donny Lee

Seah Lina

Very engaging and knowledgeable trainer! 💯 recommend 👍🏼

Aloysius Ang

Very engaging and fun session. Donny share selflessly about his experience and how he handle the cases.

Meiting-Mitchele Ng

Kudos DD Donny Lew Lee for your commitments to your training session and previous practical sharings 👍

Lydia Kew

Great sharing by Donny! Learnt on countering objections which i thought i cant! Definitely great for new agents!

Faris Mohamed

Short, Sweet and Straight to the Point!

Jason Leong


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