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How To Pitch A Persuasive Presentation

Sales pitches are part of our everyday life as Realtorpreneurs.

We can spend hours and hours on ONE client. Meanwhile, we see a fellow agent spending 30 minutes with 3 different clients, and all of them said yes.


Have you ever been caught in the situation where you have all the calculations and charts, but still fail to deliver during your presentation?

Do you often come across clients who ask you “Why should I sell now?” or Why should I buy now”? Where should I buy? Why should I invest in this development and not somewhere else?”

What’s even more tricky – not all sellers can or should sell their properties, and not all properties are good buys..

Then how?!

Are you wondering, who our target market should be?

If this is YOU, you need to join sign up for this course now! Let Jim Teh teach you all his personal tricks of the trade.

See it to believe it. Master Jim’s secrets to a successful sales pitch!

Training takeaways

  • Is it wise to hold on to your HDB?
  • Find out the effects of CPF accrued interest on your property
  • Crucial financial techniques you can apply in today’s market
  • How to effectively upgrade your client’s assets

Jim Teh

District Division Director

CEA License: R026381A

Jim's previous career as an Air force Engineer has given him stellar work ethics gleaned from required precision in aircraft engineering which has lent credence to his real estate career and been crucial in his success. As a sales person, he is a highly determined and disciplined. The Top Manager of the Year (2013) and Top Achiever aims to give back to the real estate community through sharing his expertise and knowledge with his beloved ERA teammates.

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Testimonial of Attendees

Thank you, Jim for your deep sharings! My mindset has been elevated to another perspective which I wouldn’t have think of. You come a long way... 加油👍🏻💪👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Lynn Chow

Jim is a very good trainer! I was surprised at what we can learn from him on how to handle different types of clients in many different situations we face in our market today. A mix of old and new techniques that are effectively planned and shared by Jim in a very interesting way over the very enjoyable 2 days! Thanks for the tips, Jim! 😊👍

Manny Chiong

Thank you Jim for sharing with us your experience and knowledge, is really worth my time to attend these 2 days training .Appreciate! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊

Jessica Foo

Learnt some practical tips from Jim on how to help our clients better. Thank you for the insightful sharing 👍😄

Eileen Siu


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