Uncover Your Client's Opportunity For A Bigger Wealth Fortress

Ever faced clients who are unsure of what they can afford, or are reluctant to share their personal information?

How do you put together all the information, and recommend to your clients why they should buy new projects (vs resale)?

How can you get your clients to go for the bigger purchase without stretching their finances too thin?

It is already challenging enough to find the right clients to market new launches to. What more, you still need to help them figure out if they can afford to finance their desired property, and help them to choose a property that fits their budget.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an arsenal of financial tools at your fingertips to help you work out the various scenarios and provide some quick suggestions to your clients?

Introducing new ERA Giver Jackson Woo’s Project Financing Simulator.
Jackson will take you through a spreadsheet he formulated that can help you quickly and easily assess your client’s ability to afford their desired home in a new launch based on as little information as just their age, nationality, and number of properties!

Wow, how is that possible?

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‼ Special Note: As there is an interactive activity during the session, all participants are required to bring along an iPad/tablet/laptop equipped with Microsoft Excel.

Training takeaways

  • Quickly and easily assess your client's ability to afford their desired home in a new launch
  • All you need is their age, nationality, and number of properties!
  • Effortlessly convince your clients to buy or sell, and to recommend them the right properties

Jackson Woo

Associate Division Director

CEA License: R024629A

ERA Giver Jackson Woo is a Top Achiever with a calling to give back to all ERA Teammates through his self-created new homes financial calculator. Formulated from scratch, his Project Financing Simulator helps you to easily assess your client's financial capability to their desired new launch based on only three simple questions!

Jackson believes the key to securing clients is to build lasting relationships with honesty and integrity. This has served him well in his business, having successfully built up a strong network of clients, whom he helps "fall in love" with each project he recommends to them.

Testimonial of Attendees

Jackson knew what we need on the sales floor to effectively do a detailed, hassle free financial calculation for clients.
Jackson’s simulator covers all that an agent need to effectively and comprehensively assess Clients’ financial health. This will help tremendously towards assisting clients to make a well informed choice on the unit most suited to their financial aspiration & comfort
If there is one course you must take to advance your closings in new projects ~ This Is The One !

Eileen Lim

As an agent, he is straight to the point and does not overstate his abilities. He has built his reputation upon trust and has a vast amount of knowledge to assist his clients effectively through careful financial planning and analysis of the current market to ensure his clients are able to make right decision regardless if its a rental or sale transaction.
I've been to many trainings but the one on automated financial calculations by Jackson was the most useful to me. It allows me to advise my clients through the use of technology on their finances within minutes before proceeding with making a purchasing decision.

Adrian Keng


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