The 21st Century is an Era of Change

The unleashing of your inner power is a necessary development for mankind
By restoring vitality to your life, you will gain unlimited possibilities
When the harvest is ripe, you can reap all the bountiful blessings life has to offer

Through a Two-Day Course

We'll put you back in the driver's seat of your Life
So you can win back your enterprise's mission and vision, partners and teams
Commitment and responsibility, goals and performance, loyalty and gratitude
And to create complete happiness, prosperity and success

公開班内訓效益 Benefits of Open Class Training
蠃回熱情與創造力 Win your enthusiasm and creativity back
翻轉信念價值觀 Shaping your belief values
学會情緒管理 Learn to manage emotions
溝通的藝術 The art of communication
如何經營親密關係客户關係 How to manage intimate customer relationships
生命的意義和價值 The meaning and value of life
找到你的生命事業 Find your life career
財富的豐盛 Wealth


ERA is the Agency of Choice for both agents and consumers. Through our cutting edge technology and constantly evolving Ultimate Agent Training, we have maintained our position as a forerunner of the real estate industry, in service excellence, professional ethics, and client satisfaction.